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Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

I didn’t know anything about Shockwave Therapy until I came to Kinetic Edge. Here I found out that this alternative treatment is able to cure a lot of health conditions such as plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, shin splints, frozen shoulder syndrome and more. There are lots of people who suffer from these conditions, and I’m quite sad that they have no idea that Shockwave Therapy can turn out to be miraculous for them. That’s why I chose to share my story with you.

What happened to me

My worst problem that has been tormenting me for about two years now was the fact that I was not able to sleep on my shoulder because of the chronic pain. This horrible pain kept me from boxing which is my hobby, and it also made working at my desk an agonizing thing. During these two years I received tons of pain medication, cortisone shots and I also considered surgery. I really tried everything I could find, and I was still helpless. I reached the end of the line regarding my shoulder and after trying everything I was desperate. Not to mention that I also spent a fortune on all kinds of treatments that apparently failed to work.

Everything changed when I called Kinetic Edge, an Ottawa sports physiotherapy clinic and made an appointment, at a friend’s recommendation.

Finally Jumping

I came just the next day at the clinic after making my Shockwave appointment. Dr. Joanna Taylor was extremely serious, and she listened to my concerns and fears with high attention. I previously visited a ton of doctors and countless physical therapy places, so this was not the first time I was talking about my health issues and the pain that was killing me. The last thing I needed was another 20 exercises that were recommended for home. Fortunately, my doctor understood that completely and she was quite optimistic about being able to help me. After the first treatment of Shockwave, I felt amazing. The therapy creates pressure waves that penetrate the tissue and reduce pain by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals. Shockwave is also able to increase cell metabolism, and it promotes the release of pain that results in accelerated tissue healing.

I must admit that it was not a very comfortable treatment, but considering the massive pain from my shoulder, this was expected. The doctor told me that the therapy is usually well tolerated and the area would feel better after about 24 to 48 hours. And this is exactly what had happened and the soreness dissipated.

Did I like my experience?

After only three treatments I can sleep on my shoulder again, and I was also able to pick up boxing which made me extremely happy. If you suffer from chronic pain anywhere in your body, I totally recommend that you try Shockwave Therapy because it’s miraculous and you will probably only believe this when you try it for yourself. The acoustic energy that is created by Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment with long-term benefits. After the initial appointment, each of the follow-up visit lasts for about 15 minutes, and it’s recommended that you visit your doctor for about three to five treatments. Dr. Joanna Taylor is the clinic owner of Kinetic Edge, and she specializes in treating various chronic conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendinosis, rotator cuff injuries, disc herniations and sciatic nerve pain as well as chronic neck pain, headaches and more.

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Growing a Full Beard Is Now Easier With These Tips

Men with beard look hot, isn’t it? If you seek to fall in the category of highly desirable males, then growing beard is the perkiest thing you need to do. It is not that cakewalk kind of a thing in which you wait for few days and here you are, with that macho look. Hang on guys, there is much more to growing beard which requires some efforts on your part to make it happen in no time. If you wish to know the tips on growing a full beard faster than ever, check out the tips below:

Growing a full beard in a short span of time – is it possible?

Yes it is possible! We got to tell you that how can it happen? There are some natural tricks and tips which can aid the growth of beard faster than ever so have a look below:

  • Exfoliating your skin works faster and creates ground for better growth of hair on face use eucalyptus extracts which can be mixed in moisturizer. Massage with this crème on a regular basis so that your face has beard in a superfast way.
  • Taking a good night’s sleep works well in your favor and besides keeping you refreshed, it also promotes hair growth on face.
  • Taking additional supplements like biotin also helps a lot which makes your hair grow at a fast pace

Besides the above tips, you should learn to relax a lot which keeps you away from the stress and promotes hair growth as well.

Making your beard thicker

You need to have an immense patience in making your facial hair grows faster and thicker. We talked about ways to grow beard using natural ways and now we will talk about making your beard thicker. For this purpose, always remember that you need to have proper blood circulation which is ensured through proper exercising. Maintain a good diet with essential fat and if required, you can start taking supplements too. Proper intake of nutrients indeed comes out to have a better effect upon your body so without delaying, get moving with the easy tips above.


A Guide To The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2017

There are many people who play basketball wearing casual shoes only which is surely not right as outdoor games are played in a rough surface hence they demand solid shoes that can prevent feet injury. So wearing the right shoes for outdoor games is very important. Before buying a pair of basketball shoes for outdoor games for you, you must consider a few important factors that are listed below:

  1. Quality– The shoes that you wear for outdoor basketball must be sturdy, durable and resilient to resist abrasion of the rough surface. Also the shoes must be made from superior quality shock absorbing material so that it can offer shock absorption to ensure the greater comfort level.
  2. Comfort– Another important factor that must be considered is the comfort. Some shoes are heavier in weight; avoid such shoes as they will make you uncomfortable. Try many shoes, walk around the store to check the comfort level. If you find any kind of discomfort or pain in the feet simply reject and try another. Ensure that you check out many shoes and buy only when you are satisfied with the level of comfort.
  3. Size– Shoe size matters. There are many individuals who go crazy on the color and design of the shoes hence compromise on the bit smaller size say from 7 to 6 sizes, which is absolutely very wrong. You should never buy the shoes merely considering their design and pattern. Also never buy the shoes that are bigger than your actual feet size. Always prefer right sized shoes for best performance.
  4. Breathability– While buying the outdoor basketball shoes for you consider the Breathability factor i.e. the inflow of air. Tight shoes will block the circulation of air leading to sweaty feet. Prefer the shoes that have mesh design as they regulate the inflow of air and prevent feet from sweating. Also, the feet will smell bad if proper air circulation is not achieved.
  5. Brand name- There are many good brands in the market that offer good choice, so always prefer buying branded shoes over local shoes for greater comfort.

The Compact Carpet Sweeper by Casabella

Do you hate always taking your vacuum cleaner out every time you have a little mess on your floor? Well I know I do. That is why I am thinking about getting the “Compact Carpet Sweeper.” It supposedly is able to clean up all kinds of messes on your floors and carpets just like a vacuum cleaner does, but without having to plug in any cord and wasting any electricity. Some even advertised the Compact Carpet Sweeper is much better than the best vacuum for tile floors and carpet, but I am skeptical. I tried the product, now let’s see what I think of it:

My Review:

The Compact Carpet Sweeper is made by a company called, “Casabella.” The Compact Carpet Sweeper is made with heavy duty materials such as metals, plastics, rubbers, fabrics such as polypropylene and heavy duty bristles that quickly and effectively grabs dirt and crumbs off the floor. It weighs about three pounds and is 42 inches long and the head of the Compact Carpet Sweeper is around 11 ½ inches wide. You can use the Compact Carpet Sweeper to clean up your floors, carpets, and even furniture without having to plug some sort of electrical cord in and without using electricity.

The way you use the Compact Carpet Sweeper is just take it and run over your carpets, floors, and furniture with it to help pick up dirt, crumbs, pet fur, and dust until the area you want cleaned is cleaned up. If you’re worried about the Compact Carpet Sweeper scratching your furniture or floors don’t because it won’t at all. Then after you have cleaned up the mess from your floors, carpets, and furniture just pick up the Compact Carpet Sweeper turn over the head and open up the little compartment where all the dirt, fur, crumbs and dust went to and empty it out in the trash and then put it away some place safe until the next time you would like to use it.

The Compact Carpet Sweeper by Casabella cost around twenty four dollars and it can be bought at Kitchen Ect. You can even sometimes find the Compact Carpet Sweeper by Casabella online at, Ebay,, Target, and Wal-Mart for a whole lot cheaper if you’re on a tight budget. Some other online stores you can purchase the Compact Sweeper at is and but you will end up paying a little bit more sometimes.

I hope those of you who end up buying the Compact Carpet Sweeper that it really helps clean up those tiny messes on your tile floors, carpets, and furniture without the use of a heavy vacuum cleaner. I know it seemed to work for some people by the sounds of some reviews. Best of luck!

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Bipolar Disability – What you need to know

Living with bipolar disorder can be extremely difficult, especially if you are undiagnosed. I remember they day I was diagnosed. I was only 7 years old, the doctor explained it all to me and I felt relieved that I finally had an answer as to why I was the way I was. I had extreme episodes of sadness, anger, and happiness. I felt like I had no control over my emotions, but at least now I knew why.

However, I left the doctor’s office with my mom and still felt sort of broken. I felt like someone messed up when I was being created and I just wanted to be normal. I didn’t want to have to be on pills, none of my friends were, so why was I? I had so many questions but no one had any of the answers. The pills helped keep my emotions from swinging way out of control, but I still had thoughts eating away at me and I didn’t know what to do with them.

Eventually I told my mom how I felt and she was able to find me a therapist. It was the first therapist I had ever been to and I was terrified. She was a child and adolescent therapist, so she had games and whatnot in the room. While we talked we would play games, but I was never very comfortable. I felt like she was judging me and I knew I didn’t want to tell her how I really felt. Instead, I told her what I thought she wanted to hear so that I could get out as quickly as possible. Even though I didn’t like her, my mom made me continue to go for several years. I never felt like it helped me, but my mom was happy, so I pretended to be happy too.

It wasn’t until I was 19 and moved out on my own that I was able to find a therapist that worked for me. I knew there was someone out there that could help me, I just had to find them. I ended up finding her at Kairo’s Counseling and her name is Brittany Bridges.

One of Brittany’s many specialties is helping those suffering from bipolar disorder. She has taught me new coping methods that help me keep from plunging into a manic episode sometimes. She also made me feel welcome and not at all judged. Brittany explained to me that for some people taking only pills will get their bipolar under control, but many people also need therapy to supplement the pills. Brittany has been the only one that doesn’t make me feel like a total freak for having this disorder. I know other people in the area who go to Kairo’s Counseling as well and all of them rave over Brittany. It is definitely worth giving her a shot. With a free 15 minute phone discovery, there is nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Schedule your phone discovery now using her website,