The Compact Carpet Sweeper by Casabella

Do you hate always taking your vacuum cleaner out every time you have a little mess on your floor? Well I know I do. That is why I am thinking about getting the “Compact Carpet Sweeper.” It supposedly is able to clean up all kinds of messes on your floors and carpets just like a vacuum cleaner does, but without having to plug in any cord and wasting any electricity. Some even advertised the Compact Carpet Sweeper is much better than the best vacuum for tile floors and carpet, but I am skeptical. I tried the product, now let’s see what I think of it:

My Review:

The Compact Carpet Sweeper is made by a company called, “Casabella.” The Compact Carpet Sweeper is made with heavy duty materials such as metals, plastics, rubbers, fabrics such as polypropylene and heavy duty bristles that quickly and effectively grabs dirt and crumbs off the floor. It weighs about three pounds and is 42 inches long and the head of the Compact Carpet Sweeper is around 11 ½ inches wide. You can use the Compact Carpet Sweeper to clean up your floors, carpets, and even furniture without having to plug some sort of electrical cord in and without using electricity.

The way you use the Compact Carpet Sweeper is just take it and run over your carpets, floors, and furniture with it to help pick up dirt, crumbs, pet fur, and dust until the area you want cleaned is cleaned up. If you’re worried about the Compact Carpet Sweeper scratching your furniture or floors don’t because it won’t at all. Then after you have cleaned up the mess from your floors, carpets, and furniture just pick up the Compact Carpet Sweeper turn over the head and open up the little compartment where all the dirt, fur, crumbs and dust went to and empty it out in the trash and then put it away some place safe until the next time you would like to use it.

The Compact Carpet Sweeper by Casabella cost around twenty four dollars and it can be bought at Kitchen Ect. You can even sometimes find the Compact Carpet Sweeper by Casabella online at, Ebay,, Target, and Wal-Mart for a whole lot cheaper if you’re on a tight budget. Some other online stores you can purchase the Compact Sweeper at is and but you will end up paying a little bit more sometimes.

I hope those of you who end up buying the Compact Carpet Sweeper that it really helps clean up those tiny messes on your tile floors, carpets, and furniture without the use of a heavy vacuum cleaner. I know it seemed to work for some people by the sounds of some reviews. Best of luck!


Review: The Best Darts on the Market & Dart Boards

We are in the process of putting a recreational room in our home, and we knew it wasn’t a rec room without a dartboard. Not wanting to buy one of those cheap boards with the plastic tipped darts, we invested money in the Sportscraft Taverner Bristle Dartboard and the best darts on the market.

I grew up on the bristle boards with the steel tipped darts and, even though I know they are somewhat more dangerous than the plastic ones, that’s what I wanted for our room. And, the fact this board came with a great looking cabinet was the biggest selling point for me.

Too bad it wasn’t worth the money we spent on it.

My biggest complaint with the dartboard/cabinet has to do with the so-called “easy to use” mounting kit it came with. I tried to follow the instructions with the brackets. The dart board cabinet would not mount to our wall. I tried to do it the way I thought they were supposed to go on the wall rather than follow the instructions to the letter; still the cabinet would not stay on our wall.

Finally, I grabbed our electric screwdriver and drove four screws through the back wall of the cabinet and into our wall. It stayed put. The brackets are in the garbage.

The darts this board comes with have got to be the cheapest darts I’ve ever seen. I can’t really complain too much because most boards don’t even come with the darts. However, we only threw these maybe a dozen times before one of the darts broke on us. The weird thing is it didn’t even hit that hard. It stuck in the board, fell out and broke when it hit our carpeted floor. In addition to buying a really good electric screwdriver for the reason I mentioned above, I would recommend buying an extra set of darts to go with the board; as potential replacements.

And, while it hasn’t given us any problems yet, I will also say I have concerns about the dartboard itself and its ability to survive the test of time. You have wire numbers on the board held in place by staples. We’ve already dented this wiring twice and you can see the staples coming out already. Now that it’s in place, the cabinet isn’t too bad but I have a feeling we’ll need to replace that board within a year.

In hindsight, I probably should have given up on my preference for the steel-tipped darts and invested a few extra dollars in an electronic dartboard instead. Short term, it would have cost me more money. Long-term, I’m thinking it would have saved me both money and headaches.